Wood Wall

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Wood Wall
Item Type Item
Requirements to Craft 4 Wood Planks
Time to Craft 30 seconds
Researchable only? No

The wood wall can only be placed between two Wood Pillars and on a Wood Foundation. When trying to place a wood wall you can rotate the wall using your mouse wheel. Wood Walls are destructible and can be harmed by Explosive based damage, however Melee or Bullet damage does not harm them in any way.

To craft a wall you need 4 wood planks. It will require 30 seconds to craft one wood wall.

Wood walls will begin the decay process after 36 Hours (Customizable per server), this timer resets if a player opens/closes a door connected to a foundation the wall is attached to. If the timer is not reset, the wall will begin taking slow damage and fully decay after 3 days. If at any point a player returns to the base before decay is finished, they can repair a wooden wall by placing wood in one of your hotbar slots, facing the wall, and pressing the number for that hotbar slot.

Wood Walls had two "Sides" of the texture, each side actually having different health pools when faced by Explosive Charge or Grenade damage. As of patch 17/2/14 this is no longer the case. It takes two no matter the wall side. It was also fixed for Metal Walls which is now always four.

There is a video outlining this here [Rust] The secrets of Wooden Walls and C4 .