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A Wolf in Rust
Name Desc
Wolf NPC
Hostile Yes
Health 125

Wolves can be found everywhere in Rust. For now you can only get Raw Chicken Breast, Cloth and Blood from them. The total amount of loot from a Wolf is 8 Raw Chicken Breast, 20 Cloth and 3 Blood. Wolves are enemy animals and will attack and chase you down if you are near them. Wolves will also chase players that shoot them from a distance, even if the player wasn't initially standing close enough to a wolf where it would become hostile by just close proximity. The aforementioned scenario can be avoided by shooting wolves from extremely far distances or stand on the foundation and shoot it.

It is possible to do a sneak attack on an unaware wolf by just crouch-walking up to one, though the wolf will become hostile the first time it takes damage. To kill a wolf you need 4 to 6 hits with stone hatchet, 2 shot with Hunting Bow, 3 shots with P250 and 1 shot with Shotgun (Close range).

Wolves can run almost or just as fast as a player, so it can take a while to get rid of a chasing wolf.

Escape You can escape a wolf and all other hostile A.I bots by entering a player made home or take a while running

Mutant Variant
Name Desc
Mutant Wolf NPC
Hostile Yes
Health 80

The Wolf comes in a mutant variant known as the Red Wolf for its red, mutated skin tone. Dispite being "mutated" it is less powerful then its normal counterpart and will drop a backpack at the expense of most of the regular loot. The Wolf drops M4 Rifles everytime you kill it only using metal fragments.