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Bla blub


Hey Stuvi, can you toss me an email: I've got a proposition for you. Thanks.


Thanks for the shoutout Stuvi. Keep up the great work on this Wiki. It's obvious that this one has about ten times more information than any of the others that people are trying to force on the community. I'll be around to "grammar nazi" posts and contribute where I can.

Cheers, -Shadow

Other language: italian

Hi stuvi, can u add in other language the page Italian:

thanks :) i'm working on it


Crafting amounts and times

Many if not all the items are missing something... Most items don't have craft times and for a lot of them that do, the amount of materials is missing. Also you left out Low Grade Fuel. I'd happily fix everything if you'd let me.

Pickaxe page deletion?

Hey Stuvi, just wondering why the Pickaxe page was deleted.


Editcopy. Make normal users suggest things for the mainpage

See this page:

Let's make the community suggest things for the main page without editing the official mainpage.

Copy the code of the Editcopy and put on the main page to add the link for the editcopy page. If you don't want to copy you just put under the mainpage:

1,862 Rust players have joined this Wiki so far! We are maintaining 1,665 pages since November, 2013.
Changes for the main page can be proposed here.

Thanks for reading!

Article edits

Wonderful, thanks!

Old icons

Hello, you have many old icons and we can't change it, could you unlock the locked pictures? VatriXxX (talk) 20:14, 26 February 2014 (CET)

List of server providers

Confirmed has support for experimental branch. Suggest changing "unknown" to "yes". (note dropdown can be changed to Rust (Legacy))