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A source of temporary light
Item Type Light
Requirements to Craft 1 Low Grade Fuel & 1 Cloth & 1 Wood
Time to Craft 20s
Researchable only? No

Torches are a source of light. The player usually spawns with a torch to see through the darkness. When holding the torch in your hands it works like a flare but you can not throw it away or lay it on the ground. The torch can light up an area of approximately 20m in circular shape around the player.

The torch has 250 durability, and this is used up at a rate of 1 durability per 3 seconds burn time. This means that 1 torch will have an approximate burn time of 750 seconds, or 12.5 minutes. Equipping a torch will use up 1 durability, so constant equipping and unequipping of the torch is not advised.