Small Stash

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Small Stash
Item Type Item
Requirements to Craft 10 Leather
Time to Craft 20 seconds
Researchable only? No

Small Stash do not need a Wood Foundation to be placed down. You can store 3 different kind of items in one small stash. Small Stashes are destructable - they can be taken down when it has been hit around 20 times.

To craft a small stash you need 10 leather. It will require 20 seconds to craft one small stash.

It should be noted that small stashes only become visible when a player is within about 5 feet of the stash. The loot icon may be visible before the stash is.


You can store your valuables in greater security when hiding a small stash inside of a Camp Fire, or even sometimes part of a mountain. This is not a guaranteed method, as on some angles a player may even see the option to Search the Camp Fire first.

A good idea is to make a bed and place it under the bed so as that people can't see it unless they crouch and look really hard.