Small Medkit

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Small Medkit
Heals 40 health.
Item Type Medical
Requirements to Craft 2 Cloth & 2 Blood
Time to Craft 10 Seconds
Researchable only? Yes

If you use a Medkit then you will stop bleeding and you will regenerate 50 Health over a period of time. It does not heal instantly. If at any point you take additional damage while a medkit is healing you, the heal will abruptly end.

To craft a small medkit you need a Blood Draw Kit and use it, or you can kill bear and get blood bags from him. You will lose 25 Health and Blood will appear in your inventory. You must have researched the small medkit with a Research Kit 1 or Recycle Box before you can turn the Blood into a small medkit. When you have the recipe you simply need 2 Cloth and two Blood to craft it. Medkits can only be used once. You can find the Medkit in the "Medical" tab in your crafting menu.