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Devastating for close range combat. Uses shotgun shells.
Weapon Type Shotgun
Magazine Size 8 Rounds
Ammo Type Shotgun Shells
Damage 180
Fire Modes Pump Action
Effective Range 30m
Rate of Fire Low
Recoil Medium/High
Requirements to Craft 12 Low Quality Metal
Time to Craft 60 seconds
Researchable only? Yes
Requires Workbench? Yes

The Shotgun is a craftable weapon that uses up to 8 Shotgun Shells. It requires 12 Low Quality Metal to craft. It also requires a Workbench.


The shotgun is an extremely powerful weapon, albeit at close range only. Due to the combination of low range and high pellet spread, the shotgun is only useful where engagements are limited to only a few meters and usually kills people with 1 shot to the head. While extremely effective at countering axe-wielding foes and animals, the shotgun is easily outmatched at range, where even a 9mm pistol can easily outdo it. Its sluggish performance does not lend itself well to multiple foes either. This weapon can be fully modded if it has all four slots for mods

Ammunition for the shotgun is the most resource-intensive to make of the 3 ammunition types.

The most recommended attachment for such a weapon is the laser sight, as missing by an inch with this gun will give your foe more than enough time to counteract.


  • The Shotgun is based off of the Benelli SuperNova chambered in 12 gauge
  • It is a left-handed variant of the SuperNova which Benelli does not manufacture