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Rust comes with a basic but functional server list that will display the name of the server, current player count, and the latency you will get on your client when connecting. The list also has pagination so you only query the set of servers you see, so that cuts down on the time it takes to query the 8000+ servers that are presently active in the game. Facepunch also allows very long server names so server owners can display everything they offer in the 128character line they are given. So instead of "PVP Server" it would be "An awesome PVP Server with Sleepers off, Mods, etc"

Rust ingame server browser.jpg

Server list tabs.jpg

The server browser also breaks the servers up in categories: Official, Community and Modded. Each name implies exactly what they are. The Official Servers are usually the most active, because they are the first stop for new players. But you will quickly find that the community and modded are also very enjoyable to play on when you find a new server of your liking and playstyle.

You also have the ability to see what servers your friends are playing on (Friends Tab) and it keeps track of all the servers you've previously joined via the HIstory tab.


In the earlier versions of the game, the server list was web based and it was broken up into US, Europe and Australian official servers which also featured a mix of PVP and PVE flavors on each. This was phased out when the game went live on Steam and game server providers were able to start renting out servers.

Fun fact: Rust pre-alpha actually had no server browser and everyone connected to the same game server.


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