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Rust Rcon Commands


  1. Item names require the full name and have to be CaSe SeNsItIvE! One mistake will make the command invalid. Check the List of Items.
  2. Commands with player names done sometimes only require a part of the name. You can write "John" instead of "John Doe" in some cases.
  3. Use the "" tags to teleport to players or give yourself items that have a space in the name. E.g. "Metal Door".
Command Description
rcon.login password Use your 'Password' to login into Rcon via in-game console (F1).
rcon.password "password" Setup Rcon password.
status See which players are currently connected to the server.
notice.popupall "message" Sends a notice to everyone in the server. It will pop up in the top-middle of the screen.
say "message" Sends a chat message as "SERVER CONSOLE" just like every other player.
find * Lists available console commands.
kick "player" Kicks player from the server.
ban "player" or "steamid" Bans player. You still must kick them from the server.
banid "steamid" "reason" Bans a steamid from the server.
removeid "steamid" Unbans "steamid".
unbanall Unbans all players.
banlist List all the steamID64's that you have banned.
banlistex List all the steamID64's that you have banned with ban reasons and names (if you added in extra info upon ban)
truth.enforce true/false Server kicks people automatically when they are potentially hacking.
save.all Saves world map and player inventory.
save.autosavetime "amount" Sets how often your server will perform an auto-save in seconds. (600 Default)
teleport.toplayer "player 1" "player 2" Teleports 'player 1' to 'player 2'. Case sensitive. Full name required.
teleport.topos "player" "Pos X" "Pos Y" "Pos Z" Teleports 'player 1' to the coordinates. Full name required.
inv.giveplayer "player" "item" "amount" Gives 'Player' the 'Item'. Full name and Item name required. List of Items.
inv.giveall "item" "amount" Gives all players 'Item'. Full Item name required. List of Items.
dmg.godmode true/false Gives all logged in admins god-mode.
crafting.complete Completes every single crafting job in progress for everyone.
crafting.cancel Cancels every single crafting job in progress for everyone.
crafting.instant true/false Sets crafting to be instant for everyone.
crafting.instant_admins true/false Sets crafting to be instant for logged in admins only.
crafting.timescale "amount" Sets the timescale of crafting to 'amount' (1 = default, 0.5 = half time).
conditionloss.damagemultiplier "amount" Sets the time it takes for used items to lose durability. (1 = default, 0.0 = no durability loss)
conditionloss.armorhealthmult "amount" Sets the time it takes for items to break from taking damage. (.25 = default, 0.0 = no durability loss)
airdrop.drop Starts an airdrop.
airdrop.min_players "amount" Starts airdrops only when minimum X players are online.
server.hostname Sets a hostname.
server.clienttimeout "time" Sets the time until someone times out. Good to fight item glitchers. (Default 2 minutes)
server.maxplayers "amount" Sets maximum amount of server slots.
server.pvp true/false Sets PVP on or off.
server.steamgroup "steamgroup ID" Makes people only able to join the server when they are in that steamgroup
sleepers.on true/false Sets sleepers on or off.
env.timescale "amount" Sets the passage of time (day/night cycle) to a certain speed, default is "0.0066666667".
env.time "amount" Sets the time of day to a specified value. A value of 12 is noon.
env.daylength "amount" Sets how long daytime will last. (45 Default)
env.nightlength "amount" Sets how long nighttime will last. (15 Default)
falldamage.enabled true/false Turns fall damage on or off.
cheaters.log true/false Logs joining cheaters in the remote console
player.backpackLockTime "amount" Set the locktime from the Backpack (0 = OFF)(300 = 5min)
censor.nudity true/false Turns nudity on or off (+18)


  • airdrop.min_players
  • chat.enabled
  • chat.serverlog
  • connectlog.approve
  • connectlog.connected
  • connectlog.connecting
  • connectlog.deny
  • connectlog.disconnected
  • connectlog.joined
  • crafting.instant
  • crafting.instant_admins
  • decay.decaytickrate
  • decay.deploy_maxhealth_sec
  • env.time
  • env.timescale
  • env.daylength
  • env.nightlength
  • falldamage.enabled
  • falldamage.injury_length
  • falldamage.max_vel
  • falldamage.min_vel
  • grass.on true/false
  • server.hostname
  • inv.loglevel
  • interp.delayms
  • packets.loglevel
  • packets.dropms
  • packets.dropsec
  • rcon.password
  • save.autosavetime
  • save.friendly
  • server.clienttimeout
  • server.framerate
  • netcull.list
  • server.maxplayers
  • server.port
  • server.pve
  • server.receivebuffer
  • server.sendbuffer
  • server.sendrate
  • server.timesrc
  • sleepers.loglevel
  • sleepers.on
  • sleepers.pointsolver
  • truth.punish
  • truth.threshold
  • voice.distance

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