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No item description available
Weapon Type Melee
Magazine Size None
Ammo Type None
Damage 20%
Fire Modes Melee
Effective Range 1m
Rate of Fire 3 seconds
Recoil None
Requirements to Craft N/A
Time to Craft N/A
Researchable only? No
Requires Workbench? No

The rock is a melee weapon and tool given to every newly spawned player. It is held with both hands and is slowly swung downward. It is the weakest, slowest and overall most primitive tool the player can have, but is necessary for gathering the first resources to get started.

The rock has a very slow "rate of fire" and very low damage, making it a very inefficient weapon, but can still be effective nonetheless. This also makes gathering resources very slow - not only because of the slow rate of fire, but because it yields low amounts of resources per hit. When using the rock on trees, sometimes a hit will not retrieve any wood.

Players returning to a server with a saved inventory will be given a rock even if they have better melee weapons, and if they have at least one empty spot in their inventory.

This weapon takes 200 hits to bring down a wooden door.