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Revolver icon.png
This is a weapon
Weapon Type Basic Gun
Magazine Size 8
Ammo Type 9mm Ammo
Damage 29
Fire Modes Semi-automatic
Effective Range 80
Rate of Fire Unknown
Recoil 10
Requirements to Craft 60 Wood, 10 Cloth, 80 Metal Fragments
Time to Craft 60s
Researchable only? No
Requires Workbench? Yes

This requires 60 Wood, 10 Cloth, 80 Metal Fragments to craft. It also requires a Workbench.

The Revolver is a crude, homemade 8-shot revolver. It's recoil is high and the fire rate is low, but is very useful to defend oneself with. It uses the same 9mm ammunition as the P250 or the 9mm Pistol, which are preferable, since they have superior fire rate and recoil.

The revolver is perfect should one wish to explore without risking an expensive weapon, but still bring some fire power.

Also, the revolver will sometimes have up to 2 upgrade slots.

Don't underestimate revolver's damage, which is higher than that of the 9mm Pistol, even if the fire rate is lower.

Render image of the Revolver