Research Kit 1

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Research Kit 1
Item Type
Requirements to Craft 20 Low Quality Metal, 20 Leather
Time to Craft
Researchable only? Yes

Research Kit 1 is used to research various items found in the world. You must have the item in order to research how to create it. The research kit works like the usage of blueprints. Some items in the game can't be researched. Research Kits have a random chance to have multiple uses ranging from 1 to 3 when crafted. Found kits will only have 1 use. You'll need to find many Research Kits to learn all the craft-able items. Red Bears, Red Wolves and Green Crates drop Research Kits. It is important to realize that once you have researched an item, you will still have the crafting plans for that item after death.

How to use

You need to have a Research Kit in your inventory. Then drag the research kit onto the item that you'd like to research while standing near a Workbench. A pop up message will let you know that you can now craft the item. You now have researched that item and it will be available in the crafting menu. The Research Kit is consumed, but the researched item will remain in your inventory. If you attempt to research something you already know how to craft, a message will inform you of this and the kit will remain.

Because Research Kits might be rare at start, try to use it with important stuff such as expensive weapons, explosive and Kevlar. Try also not to accumulate them and use it at soon as possible. If you get raided, you would lose them without learning anything. Your first kit should be saved to research the second kit you find. Then use the second kit to research a Small Medkit!

How to craft

Also to be able research a Research Kit you must be at a workbench. Hold the shift key drag the Kit onto the other Research kit to learn how to craft it!