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Fore note

This is a guide not only for raiding but how to hold your own in the environment. This guide merely offers insight into how to equip yourself successfully. The guide nether encourages nor discourages the use of raiding as a tactic.

The Kit

  • Main Weapon

If possible you should have an M4. If this is unavailable a MP5A4 may be used but it is not recommended. You should have a fully loaded magazine with an additional 60, 556 Bullets in your inventory.

  • Secondary Weapon

A shotgun is a must have. Not a pipe shotgun, a proper shotgun. A fully loaded magazine with an additional 20 shells should suffice.

  • Pick axe / Hatchet

A Pick axe / Metal hatchet is required, because you will encounter wooden doors that must be broken down.

  • Med-kits

BOTH Small Med-kit and Large Med-kit should be taken. 5 Small Med-kit and 5 Large Med-kits should suffice. Small and Large med-kits may be used simultaneously to give a large boost in health.

  • Baricades

Baricades are crucial they allow you to block off certain routes, or supply instant cover in a pickle. About 5 barricades should be taken. It is not recommended that you use barricades to "grief" someones house as in most servers it is a bannable offence.

  • Optionals

Obviously, you can bring other friends to assist you in raiding. Be careful to choose people who you actually know and trust, not strangers. They should be just as prepared as you are, gear and building supplies.

  • Sleeping bag

A sleeping bag may be taken to allow you to respawn close to the base being raided.

  • Explosive Charges

If you have Explosive Charges take them along they allow you to breach metal doors and walls. Take at least 2.

  • Wooden planks

Wooden planks may be taken to allow you to quickly craft a foundation pillars and stairs to reach areas of a base. For instance an open window on a high floor may be breached by building stairs to it. Of course the pillars foundations and stairs may be premade. About 50 planks should be enough.

  • Backup kit

All of the above mentioned may be taken in duplicate. Along with a shack a door and a crate. The duplicate kit may then be placed in the shack along with a sleeping bag in close proximity to the base being raided. Thus should things go south, you respawn close to where you died, with a full kit ready to take your enemies by surprise.