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Official Websites

Server Hosting

See our list of Rust server providers.


To discuss the wiki and changes to the wiki, head over to the community talk page.

Administrative Issues

For wiki-related administrative issues (i.e. vandalism, edit warring, etc.), you can contact an administrator on the administrators' noticeboard.

For Editors

You can find a list of all of the templates and categories we are using here:

...and a list of articles in need of attention here:

General Guidelines for Editing

  • Wherever possible, please properly capitalize links and link names.
  • Fill out the comment when editing so people know what changes you've made.
  • Stay on subject! If you feel like you're going off on a tangent, consider making a new article.
  • Cite your sources. Without an official statement, whatever you write might as well just be a rumor.

Other Languages