Pipe Shotgun

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Pipe Shotgun
Pipe Shotgun.png
This is a weapon.
Weapon Type Basic Gun
Magazine Size 1 Round
Ammo Type Handmade Shells
Damage 144
Fire Modes Single-shot
Effective Range 80m
Rate of Fire 1
Recoil 28
Requirements to Craft 50 Wood + 40 Metal Fragments
Time to Craft 60s
Researchable only? No
Requires Workbench? Yes

The Pipe Shotgun is a craftable weapon. It fires a single Handmade Shell round at a time, with 6 pellets in each shot. It will not use normal Shotgun Shells. In comparison to its counterpart the Hand Cannon, the Pipe Shotgun has a longer range but does less damage.

Reloading the Pipe Shotgun takes a while compared to other weapons, so make sure to take cover to reload it. Pipe shotgun could save you against agressive animals such as Wolves or Bears. If you are held up by a player, you can try to use this weapon to try a last move against your enemy. Remember that the Pipe Shotgun image is currently displayed as any large weapon in your hands, so others could think you're holding a real shotgun.

A valid tactic with the pipe shotgun is to have several loaded into your hotbar, and to switch between them rather than reloading, allowing you to get off several shots at a decent rate.

It requires 50 Wood and 40 Metal Fragments to make.