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The pickaxe is a tool and weapon you can craft or find in loot crates . Swinging this weapon burns calories and makes you hungry quicker.

The weapon can only be crafted after using a Research Kit 1 to find the recipe. It is made using 40 Wood and 15 Metal Fragments.

Pick Axe
No item description available.
Weapon Type Melee
Magazine Size None
Ammo Type None
Damage 60
Fire Modes Melee
Effective Range 1m
Rate of Fire 3 seconds
Recoil None
Requirements to Craft 40 Wood & 15 Metal Fragments
Time to Craft 20 seconds
Researchable only? Yes
Requires Workbench? No


As a Weapon

The pickaxe is a powerful short-ranged melee weapon, capable of killing normal zombies in one hit and unarmored human players in two. It is a heavy weapon that does more damage than the hatchet, but also swings much slower (Once every 3 seconds compared to once every second). It does however have a slight range advantage compared to the hatchet.

As a Tool

Primarily the Pickaxe is a gathering tool; The pickaxe gathers roughly 2x as many resources per hit as a Hatchet, but swings 66% slower (once every 3 seconds). This resource gathering bonus does not work on fallen animals, where the Pickaxe will collect resources at a rate slower than even the Rock. The pickaxe also has double the hunger cost of the Hatchet 10, up from 5.

Although it collects 2x as many resources per swing, its slow swing speed makes it slightly slower in all resource collection cases than the Hatchet and on average it will use slightly more hunger to collect a resource pile than a Hatchet because of possible overlap.

The pickaxe gathers more resources overall from a wood pile; a hatchet will average about 60-75 while a pickaxe will gather 80-100 wood.

The pickaxe is also very efficient at breaking objects such as Wooden Door. Wood Storage Box and other breakable objects, dealing nearly twice as much damage per swing as a Hatchet. But because of the slow swing speed, the hatchet is still 33% faster at breaking objects.