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P250 Pistol. Uses 9mm Ammunition.
Weapon Type Handgun
Magazine Size 8 Rounds
Ammo Type 9mm Ammo
Damage 33%
Fire Modes Semi Automatic
Effective Range 120m
Rate of Fire Medium
Recoil Medium
Requirements to Craft 12 Low Quality Metal
Time to Craft 60 Seconds
Researchable only? Yes
Requires Workbench? Yes

The P250 is a craftable weapon which holds up to 8 9mm rounds in it's magazine. It requires 12 Low Quality Metal to craft.The blueprint for this gun can be found in Yellow loot crates.


The P250 does slightly more damage and has a longer effective range than the 9mm Pistol, but at the cost of a smaller magazine capacity. This is a good weapon for more accurate shooters and those who like a more powerful side arm. It is possible to kill a full kevlar player in about 3-5 shots, depending where you aim.


  • The P250 is based off of the Sig Sauer P250 chambered in 9x19mm
  • The model shown in-game is a left-handed model of the P250, despite being held in the right hand at all times.