Metal Door

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Metal Door
Item Type Item
Requirements to Craft 200 metal fragments
Time to Craft 30 seconds
Researchable only? No

The Metal Door can only be placed in a player built doorway.
Metal doors are currently only destructible by Explosive Charges or grenades. It takes two Explosive Charges or 11-16 grenades to destroy a metal door.
Doors can initially only be opened by the person who placed it. If you hold in the action button (Default E) you are able to set a 4 digit PIN code for the door. Once another player enters the PIN they can then open and close the door as though they placed it. This is useful for sharing a house with someone else.
After a Metal door is destroyed a period of time must be waited before a door may be placed in the same location. This is indicated by a bar at the bottom of the doorway.
Metal doors will despawn after a certain amount of time.
To craft a metal door you need 200 metal fragments. It requires 30 seconds to craft one metal door.