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M4 Rifle. Uses 5.56 Ammunition.
Weapon Type Machine Gun
Magazine Size 24 Rounds
Ammo Type 556 Ammo
Damage 35%
Fire Modes Automatic
Effective Range 140m
Rate of Fire High
Recoil High
Requirements to Craft 30 Low Quality Metal
Time to Craft 60 Seconds
Researchable only? Yes
Requires Workbench? Yes

The M4 is a craftable weapon that uses up to 24 5.56 rounds. It requires 30 Low Quality Metal to craft. The M4 is a very capable weapon, which makes it a highly sought after weapon. It is considered one of the end-game weapons. As of now, M4 is obtainable via loot chests that spawn in rad towns and other default in-game structures. It is best to research it, by dragging and dropping a research kit, obtained in loot chests, over it. After that you can craft it next to a workbench for 30 low quality metal. The M4 uses 556 ammo. The same ammo used by the bolt-action sniper rifle. The ammunition can be found in loot chests around the world and in order to research it, you must drag and drop a research kit over it. After that, crafting it will cost 5 gunpowder and 2 metal fragments a piece.


  • The M4 is based off of the Colt M4A1 chambered in 5.56x45mm
  • It is the left handed variant of the M4A1 model
  • Despite the M4 being a left-handed variant, it is held by the player in the right hand. The reason for this may be to show extra detail to the gunmodel.