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This list is useful for server owners searching for a specific item.

Advanced List

Wood Building Parts
Wood Foundation Wood Pillar Wood Ceiling
Wood Wall Wood Window Wood Doorway
Wood Stairs Wooden Door Wood Ramp
Wood Barricade Spike Wall Large Spike Wall
Wood Gate Wood Gateway Wood Shelter
Metal Building Parts
Metal Foundation Metal Pillar Metal Ceiling Metal Wall
Metal Window Metal Doorway Metal Stairs Metal Door
Metal Ramp Metal Window Bars
Sleeping Bag Bed
Camp Fire Workbench Furnace Repair Bench
Small Stash Wood Storage Box Large Wood Storage
Rock Stone Hatchet Hatchet Pick Axe
Basic Materials
Metal Ore Sulfur Ore Wood Leather Cloth Animal Fat
Refined Materials
Metal Fragments Low Quality Metal Wood Planks Low Grade Fuel
9mm Ammo 556 Ammo Handmade Shell Shotgun Shells Arrow
Torch Flare Flashlight Mod
Sulfur Gunpowder Explosives Charcoal
Cooked Chicken Breast Chocolate Bar Granola Bar Small Water Bottle Can of Beans
Small Rations Raw Chicken Breast Can of Tuna
9mm Pistol M4 Hand Cannon Pipe Shotgun Bolt Action Rifle
P250 Shotgun MP5A4 Hunting Bow Revolver
Explosive Charge F1 Grenade
Weapon Mods
Holo sight Silencer Flashlight Mod Laser Sight
Cloth Helmet Leather Helmet Rad Suit Helmet Kevlar Helmet Invisible Helmet
Cloth Vest Leather Vest Rad Suit Vest Kevlar Vest Invisible Vest
Cloth Pants Leather Pants Rad Suit Pants Kevlar Pants Invisible Pants
Cloth Boots Leather Boots Rad Suit Boots Kevlar Boots Invisible Boots
Paper Research Kit 1 Supply Signal Blood Draw Kit
Admin Items
Uber Hatchet Uber Hunting Bow Invisible Boots Invisible Pants
Invisible Vest Invisible Helmet

Generic Line List

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