Laser Sight

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Laser Sight
Ability to see aim point and increases hip fire accuracy.
Item Type Weapon Attachment
Requirements to Craft 5 Low Quality Metal
Time to Craft 20 Seconds
Researchable only? Yes

The Laser Sight attachment adds a laser sight to your weapon. The laser dot is visible for all players, therefore easily giving away your position.

Along with a slight increase in accuracy, the user can use the laser sight to pre-aim from the hip before aiming down the sight. All you have to do is drag the attachment onto the weapon with free attachment slots and it will be attached.

A laser sight is either obtained by player crafts or by finding it in Crates. A player may learn to craft it by using the associated Blueprint or by using a Research Kit 1 or Recycle Box. It needs 5 Low Quality Metal to be crafted. You can toggle the laser dot using the "G" button.
The laser sight can be attached to the following weapons: