Large Spike Wall

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Large Spike Wall
Item Type Item
Requirements to Craft 200 Wood
Time to Craft 25 Seconds
Researchable only? No

If a player touches or deals melee damage (including bows) to a Large Spike Wall they will get hurt. This ranges between 10-20 damage and can be accompanied by bleeding.

Large spike walls will decay fully after about 2 days, but you can repair them at any point by placing wood on your hotbar, aiming at the spike wall and pressing the hotbar key.

To craft a large spike wall you need 200 wood. It will require 25 seconds to craft one large spike wall.

The most common uses of Large Spike Walls are to deter other players from accessing areas you don't want them to go to, getting close to your walls for scouting purposes (peeking through the cracks) or building in areas you don't want them to build in. Large spike walls take a fair number of melee hits to destroy and will severely slow down an enemy raiding party's attempt to get into your base.