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There is currently no officially released map for Rust; however community made maps are available.

A wide variety is available below, each specializing in a certain area.

Interactive maps

Map Options Zoom in and out, Coordinate locator, private and public markers/lines/shapes which you can save and edit live, multiple maps and layers. Interactive map tool, mark locations, draw areas, leave notes, place labels, share your map, position locator, multiple maps, ingame map overlay tool. AUTOMATIC MAP TRACKING! Sign into any server running the developed AutoLocation mod and go to to see where you are in real time!
Ironside Rust Server Interactive 2nd Screen Map that links to a in game plugin, players can login to the site with their Steam ID and see their real-time location.
K3X HighResMap High Resolution Map. Some Errors because of image-stitching, positions are not perfect. Plan is to Create a Map like but in HD, with radiationzones and lootspawns. (See Discussion)

Current Maps (that are after rock update)

Newbie Navigation 2.2.jpg

Obsolete Maps

These maps are specific to the versions of Rust previous to the rocks update.