Hunting Bow

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The bow is the only ranged Melee-Damage dealing weapon in the game (Arrows are considered melee damage for the sake of damage calculations, and will be reduced by melee resist). Because of this it's not only an extremely reliable weapon at long range, but can be used to break down doors, crates and other breakable objects from a distance.

Known Bugs: Because the hunting bow is considered melee damage, if you fire it at a Spike Wall or Large Spike Wall you will take damage (as if you had performed a melee attack on the spike wall).

Hunting Bow
This is a ranged weapon.
Weapon Type Hunting Bow
Magazine Size 1 Arrow
Ammo Type Arrows
Damage 75
Fire Modes Single-shot
Effective Range Moderate
Rate of Fire Moderate
Recoil Low
Requirements to Craft 35 Wood & 5 Cloth
Time to Craft 20 sec
Researchable only? No
Requires Workbench? Unknown