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Basic crafting requires you to have the proper ingredients necessary to make the item in your inventory. (Check recipes that you currently have in the crafting window to see what ingredients are required.) You can then access the crafting screen and select the item you wish to craft. You are also given the option to select how many of that item that you would like to craft. After you begin crafting the item, a timer will appear in the lower right hand corner of the crafting screen indicating the amount of time it will take to finish crafting the items.

Some items require that you obtain blueprints in order to craft them. Blueprints may be found on the bodies of slain NPC characters or loot boxes. Upon obtaining the blueprint and using it, the recipe will show on the right side of the crafting screen. Recipes that you have researched via blueprints will stay with you even after death.

Gameplay Effects

Once you have begun crafting, you can no longer sprint and you will walk at the speed of crouching. Crafting when in a dangerous area is not advisable as it leaves you vulnerable to attack. Crafting when you are near a "Workbench" will speed up your crafting speed by 3x.

There is a marker above your health on your HUD that says "Crafting"


Holding shift when pressing the + or - button will count by ten.

Holding Control when Pressing the + or - button will input as many as you can make.


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