Hand Cannon

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Hand Cannon
Hand Cannon.png
Unreliable shotgun type weapon, uses handmade shells.
Weapon Type Basic Gun
Magazine Size 1 Round
Ammo Type Handmade Shells
Damage 180%
Fire Modes Single-shot
Effective Range 20m
Rate of Fire 1
Recoil High
Requirements to Craft 20 Wood & 10 Metal Fragments
Time to Craft 60 s
Researchable only? No
Requires Workbench? No

The Hand Cannon is a craftable Weapon which fires a single Handmade Shell round at a time. It requires 20 Wood and 10 Metal Fragments to make.

The Hand Cannon contains no trigger mechanism. Instead, it is fired by dragging a rock along the top of the barrel. This creates sparks which pass into a hole in the top of the barrel. The sparks ignite the powder of the Handmade Shell causing it to fire. The first two attempts to fire are subject to chance however the third rock hit will always fire the Hand Cannon, unless you reset the "counter" by letting go of the fire button.

The Hand Cannon has 180DMG which is very high, considering an M4 only has 33DMG.