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Batch of Gunpowder .
Item Type Resource
Requirements to Craft 2 Charcoal & 2 Sulfur
Time to Craft Unknown
Researchable only? No

Gunpowder can be used to create ammunition. You need 3 gunpowder and 1 Metal Fragments to create 9mm Ammo, 1 gunpowder and 2 Metal Fragments for 556 Ammo, 5 gunpowder and 1 stone for a Handmade Shell. Gunpowder is also used in crafting explosives. Gunpowder in some servers is used for currency. It is the base for a lot of things. 1 gp is 1 gp, 5 gp is 1 9 mm round, 10 is 556 ammo, and so forth.