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Item Type Item
Requirements to Craft 15 Stones & 20 Wood & 10 Low Grade Fuel
Time to Craft 30 Seconds
Researchable only? No

Furnaces are crafted from 15 Stones & 20 Wood & 10 Low Grade Fuel.

A Furnace is a craftable item that is used to smelt Metal Ore & Sulfur Ore. Putting Cloth into the furnace will output an equal amount of Leather. To begin smelting, place some Wood in the inventory along with the smeltable item. Close the inventory, then use the furnace to light it. Two pieces of Wood are replaced by 2-5 Charcoal every 30 seconds. Two Metal Ore will be replaced by 3-8 Metal Fragments and two Sulfur Ore will be replaced by 2-6 Sulfur when this happens.

Smelting too much at a time could result in losing some or all the ore without getting anything for it. Once all nine furnace slots are filled and all slots of Metal Fragments are at 250, Metal Ore will still disappear, but no further Metal Fragments will be created. The same is true for Sulfur Ore and Wood, but when there is no room for more Charcoal the furnace will go out.

In the past these items could be smelted using a Camp Fire, however this item was implemented just for the use of smelting. Camp Fires can now only be used for the cooking of Raw Chicken Breast.