Frequently Asked Alpha Questions

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Alpha access

Where can I get a key? And why can't I run???

Rust is currently in alpha phase. Early access can be purchased through steam.

I've purchased rust on the old website - how can I activate it on steam?

First you need to obtain your Steam Key. To do so, visit the old website. After you obtained the key go to your Steam Library and click on "Games" at the very top. Now choose "Activate a Product on Steam...". After you have entered your key your game will be shown in your Steam Library.


I saw youtube videos and it looked unplayable!

Keep in mind: This is an alpha. People are definitively testers. The game is nowhere finished - but the game mechanics and the idea behind certain things can be tested. (And be honest: We've all seen really unplayable alphas. This one is pretty good.)

Why was the map wiped?/Why did I lose everything?/...

While developers try to let people play and have fun, some changes require wipes of the inventory. Maps and inventories can be wiped by individual server owners - and it's their decision if they want to wipe or not. Sorry if they do!

Will there be cars?

While it has not been confirmed, we've already seen devs driving around with a unity test-car.

Can you remove a built house? Or move parts of it?

You can destroy peoples walls to break into it with C4 or anything else that deals enough damage. Not everything is destructable though.

Another zombie game? I am out...

Wait! Don't leave yet! The Zombies are most likely placeholders for other mobs which will be implemented in either the Alpha or Beta version of the game. They have already been removed


Does Rust run on Windows 7? Vista? Windows 8? Mac? Linux?

Rust should run on all operating systems. The game is now going through testing periods with each platform.

Fails to start up on Windows - stuck at face punch logo. What to do?

Please install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)