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A source of temporary light
Item Type Light
Requirements to Craft 8 Metal Fragments & 8 Gunpowder
Time to Craft 20 Seconds
Researchable only? Yes

A flare is an item which grants light for a certain period of time. You can use a flare by holding it in your hand and left clicking. Right clicking while the flare is lit will throw the flare. You can craft a flare using a blueprint to research it. Then you need 8 Metal Fragments and 8 gunpowder to craft one. Flares can also be found on radioactive wild-life and inside lootable containers.

Bugs: The flare has a myriad of bugs and glitches that make it an extremely valuable asset to any player.

-When lit and held in your hand (left click) the flare's light is invisible to all players but the one holding it.

-If you are holding a lit flare and it is consumed (not thrown) either naturally or by swapping weapons and the stack of flares was more than (1) before use. You can drag the stack back into your inventory and the expended flares will return to the stack. Essentially replenishing any lost flares. It is suggested that a player carries two (2x) flares at once to take advantage of this exploit. -If you perform the above exploit and only have one flare, the flare will vanish from your hotbar. However if you drag another item to that slot on the hotbar the flare will pop back into existence.

-The Flare's light radius seems small when thrown, but it provides ambient light for large distances. If the night is pitch black and a flare is thrown, it will make a huge surrounding area (about half a mile) lit up slightly.

-The Flare's light passes easily through walls. If you throw a flare behind a wooden structure (or in through a window) it will brightly light up the inside of the building and make scouting it much easier.