F1 Grenade

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F1 Grenade
Weapon Type Explosives
Magazine Size 1
Ammo Type Unknown
Damage Unknown
Fire Modes Throwing
Effective Range Unknown
Rate of Fire Unknown
Recoil Unknown
Requirements to Craft 80 Gunpowder and 40 Metal Fragments
Time to Craft 30 seconds
Researchable only? Yes
Requires Workbench? Yes

The F1 Grenade is a weapon that can be crafted using 80 Gunpowder and 40 Metal Fragments. It is an explosive weapon capable of dealing damage within a small radius. The radius is almost exactly 1 unit (The length of a Wood Foundation) in distance away from the Grenade's detonation point, with severe damage falloff up until that point.


In game, the F1 Grenade is a poor anti-personnel weapon due to its low damage radius and medium damage. The grenade can be used effectively as a weapon in enclosed spaces and can easily prevent an offensive raiding force from climbing a staircase within your base (as it will destroy the staircase as well), but in most situations it is a poor offensive weapon.

The F1 Grenade's Redeeming qualities are that it can harm wooden walls, doors and staircases nearly as effectively as a Explosive Charge can. In servers where administrators limit availability of the Explosive Charge, the grenade can act as a more balanced and slower alternative for raiding purposes. However because the resource requirement is much higher, raiding on these servers is far more laid back and less common (abiet not removed entirely).