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A Deer in Rust
Name Desc
Stag NPC
Hostile No
Health 80

The Deer is an animal found throughout the island in which Rust takes place. Like all other animals in the game, they will drop Raw Chicken Breast and Cloth after being killed. As they drop higher quantities of these items than any other peaceful animal in the game -up to a maximum amount of 10 of each resource- they are highly sought-after by players.


The Deer is the fastest peaceful creature in the game. As such, it is somewhat difficult and frustrating to kill one with a melee weapon, as they will run too fast for the Player to swing their weapon and can only be struck when they periodically stop to rest. The recommended method, therefore, is to use a ranged weapon.

The most popular tactic is to use the Hunting Bow, as the silent kill it offers will not attract Bandits like gunfire.

Deer can be found everywhere in Rust. For now you can only get Raw Chicken Breast and Cloth from them. The total amount of loot from a Deer is 10 Raw Chicken Breast and 10 Cloth. If you sprint up to them they will notice you and run away. It is possible, however, to crouch and slowly walk up and hit a deer with a tool( stone hatchet, rock, metal hatchet, or pickaxe). Because of the deer's speed, a Hunting Bow is recommend, requiring only 2 shots.