Controls and Commands

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Name Button
Movement WASD
Use Equipped Item Mouse 1
Use Equipped Item(ALT) Mouse 2
Jump Space
Crouch Hold Ctrl
Sprint Hold Shift
Inventory Tab
Hotbar Items Numbers 1-6
Interact E or Wheel Button
Rotate Building Piece Scroll Wheel or Mouse 2
Exit Menu Escape
Chat t
Voice-Chat Hold V
Reloading R
Turn Music On/Off PageUp
Toggle Laser Sight G
Toggle Flashlight F
Enable the Console F1


Press F1 to bring up the console.

Server Commands

Looking for server commands? Those are located here: Server Commands.

Client Commands

Command Description
/msg <"player"> <message> message a specified player
/me <message> Puts your text into a purple color

Console Commands

Command Description Default Value
censor.nudity "true/false" Enable/Disable censorship. True
client.connect ip:port Connect to a direct server IP. N/A
fps Displays current FPS. N/A
fps.limit "1-???" Set FPS limit. 100
gfx.bloom "true/false" Enable/Disable visual bloom. Varies*
gfx.damage "true/false" Enable/Disable damage indicators. True
gfx.grain "true/false" Enable/Disable radiation grain effect. True
gfx.shafts "true/false" Enable/Disable sun shafts. Varies*
gfx.ssaa "true/false" Enable/Disable screen space anti-aliasing. Varies*
gfx.ssao "true/false" Enable/Disable screen space ambient occlusion. Varies*
gfx.tonemap "true/false" Enable/Disable HDR visual effect. Varies*
grass.displacement "true/false" Enable/Disable grass displacements. True
grass.disp_trail_seconds "1-???" Sets how long footsteps are visible in the grass. 10
grass.forceredraw "true/false" Enable/Disable grass redraw after displacement. False
grass.on "true/false" Enable/Disable grass; Improves FPS for some. True
grass.shadowcast "true/false" Enable/Disable casted shadow on objects. False
grass.shadowreceive "true/false" Enable/Disable casted shadow on the ground. True
gui.hide Turns the UI off Disabled
gui.hide_branding Turns the branding UI in top-right corner off. Disabled Turns the UI on. Enabled
gui.show_branding Turns the branding UI in top-right corner on. Enabled
list Lists skins in steam inventory in detail. N/A
net.connect "Server IP" Connect to a direct server IP. N/A
net.disconnect Disconnects from a server. N/A
net.reconnect Reconnect to the last server you were on. N/A
ping Ping the server. N/A
quit Quits the game. N/A
refresh Refreshes skins in steam inventory. N/A
suicide Kills your character, allowing for a respawn. N/A
terrain.idleinterval "0-100" Sets how often to draw unseen terrain; setting to 0 will disable. 3.2
  • Varies: Changes based on quality chosen during game launcher.