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  • fixed airdrops – they will now spawn around noon daily!
  • fixed foundations destroying immediately upon placement and other issues where things would decay too quickly
  • fixed armor exploit where broken armor would not unequip if your inventory was full – you’ll just drop it now if it can’t fit
  • fixed extreme shadow flickering in buildings
  • fixed smoke signal not being influenced by lighting
  • fixed the fade from black starting too late after respawn
  • fixed the floating grass bug
  • fixed the first command entered into the console not working on OSX
  • tweaked tree billboard colors to better fit their mesh colors
  • added more control over image effects using the gfx console convars
    • gfx.ssaa true/false (enable/disable screen space anti-aliasing)
    • gfx.grain true/false (enable/disable radiation grain effect)
    • gfx.shafts true/false (enable/disable sun shafts)
    • gfx.damage true/false (enable/disable damage indicators)
  • added the console convar render.frames to limit the maximum fps to render
  • made lower quality levels automatically disable some image effects for better performance
  • added render.distance (0-1, default 0.2) to adjust the draw distance
    • this is currently only affecting the static rocks
  • enabled anisotropic filtering for terrain, road, rocks and building textures if quality level is above 50%
  • improved cloud synchronization to reduce situations where clouds have to jump around


  • New Sky
  • New Moon - Depending on the moon cycle night is no longer pitch black. We think this is a good thing.
  • New Water
  • Item durability added
  • Armor loses condition if it is being damaged


  • fixed unicode not working in name tooltips
  • fixed people using colours in name tooltips
  • removed ‘hatchet to gather’ tooltips
  • added whitelist servers
  • fixed broken explosives
  • fixed being killed by harvesting resources


  • resources should maybe hopefully not kill you anymore while harvesting them
  • wolves should actually scare other AI when they are chasing or attacking something
  • last chunk of rock should be on the ground instead of hovering
  • you can’t place shelters ontop of people anymore and lock them in
  • you can’t build stuff on top of large spiked walls anymore
  • you can’t build barricades on top of barricades anymore
  • fixed a minor issue with spawning wildlife and resource nodes which could cause some console spam on the server
  • AI figures out it can’t get to you much sooner and knows to retreat
  • shelters decay is active for sure and they will disappear
  • metal window bars are thinner and easier to shoot out of


  • Zombies Were Removed
    • Yep. We did it. We decided we couldn’t hold off any longer. The longer we keep zombies in – the more complaints we’d get about removing them. We are forcing ourselves to deal with it. We are no longer a zombie survival game! They’ve been replaced with red bears and wolves. You hate them. We know. They’re just plugging a gap for now. All will be revvvealed.
  • Wildlife Was Improved
    • no longer exploitable by walking backwards
    • fears hostile wildlife
    • reacts to gunshots
    • hostile wildlife retreats if it cannot find a path to you
    • wildlife should not jump up and switch to random angles anymore
    • removed white wolf
  • Resource Objects Were Improved
    • added new models for wood & stone resources
    • wood & stone resources change model to indicate their quantity
    • added another stone resource – contains mostly stone
  • Other Changes
    • fixed bugs with the level (such as rocks intersecting buildings)
    • the ‘oil tank’ area has been modified with cover
    • workbenches make you craft faster when standing next to them
    • added new player animations
    • improved melee attack animations
    • added locked backpacks and lockpicks test ( off by default )
      • when you die your backpack is locked for everyone else but you for a time
      • someone else can use a lockpick tool to bypass this time
      • lockpick tools are a default blueprint
      • you can’t use lockpicks on doors
      • the amount of time the backpack is locked for is per-server and can be set to 0
    • footstep sounds will never play the same sound as the one previously played
    • grass textures have been improved


Shared Doors

  • You can now set a passcode on a door and share it with other people.
  • Once they’ve entered the passcode they can open and close the door until you change it.
  • This also works on gates.
  • In addition, you can set a door to be unlocked so anyone can use it without a passcode.

Grass Improvements

  • Grass runs twice as fast as it used to
  • Grass looks way better
  • Grass shouldn’t flicker on ATI cards anymore (but let us know if it does)
  • Grass has improved sound effects

Beds & Bags

  • Sleeping bags now reset the use timers of all your other sleeping bags in a 100m radius. This prevents base “zerging”
  • Beds were added! – These can only be placed inside a house with a roof and act like the old sleeping bags did

Other changes and fixes

  • added vsync option
  • rcon now receives msgid 4 containing all console output
  • opening boxes no longer resets decay – old things should actually disappear now
  • added hud indication so you know when you’re voice chatting
  • fixed exploit where mouse sensitivity reduced weapon sway
  • added a delay to repairing objects after they have been damaged
  • metal structures now need metal to repair instead of wood
  • fixed random headshot sound that would happen when shooting near the top of inanimate objects
  • camp fire particles are no longer visible at long range (should help with performance)
  • you can only repair something 5 seconds after it last took damage


  • An attempt was made to fix ghost/desync
  • Fall damage & suicide exploit fixed
  • Reduced lag when entering areas with lots of objects in them (big structures)
  • Rubber banding/network correction is a bit smarter
  • Laser/Flashlight on bolt action rifle/revolver are now fixed and point forward


  • fixed open door hack
  • fixed noclipping
  • added revolver – default blueprint
  • removed 9mm pistol as a default blueprint
  • added metal bars you can put in windows
  • quality slider has much more of a significant impact on performance (needs work, maybe tomorrow)
  • disabled cursor hack for linux, which should hopefully fix crazy cursor issues.
  • server -datadir is now used for config files. Server owners should move their cfg folder inside.
  • -datadir default is now “serverdata/”. If not using -datadir previously, server owners should move their saves into the new folder.
  • added server rcon, runs on queryport and uses the same protocol as source servers
  • console now reports an error when command isn’t found
  • console variables now show their values when typed into the console
  • changing a console variable will now print the change
  • ‘ban’ now accepts a second optional argument, reason
  • ‘banid’ now accepts <username> <argument>
  • ‘status’ now shows the connected players
  • ‘banlist’ shows all banned users
  • ‘banlistex’ shows all banned users, with names and reasons
  • ‘removeid’ unbans a user by steamid
  • ‘say’ allows the server admin to talk to all connected clients
  • research kit no longer requires paper
  • research kit has a random amount of uses (1-3)
  • shelters now use a single mesh instead of compound colliders
  • made explosives require metal to craft
  • improved pipe shotgun sound
  • lowered shadow distance to a realistic level, should help with jittery shadows
  • weapon sounds are slightly randomized so each shot isn’t identical to the last
  • stopped looting through walls
  • adjusted clock sycronization
  • fix attempt to ghosting
  • servers start up faster
  • pipe shotgun now visibly ejects a shell on reload
  • bolt action bullets are visible during reload
  • fixed bug where respawning frequently could cause you to get stuck and have to reconnect due to invisible respawn screen.
  • bruteforce rcon guessing is punished


  • Doors will no longer fly away
  • You can’t stand inside doors and shoot out any longer
  • Fixed Metal Doors not setting their rotation properly
  • Shelters can be placed closer together than they used to be able to
  • Resource nodes respawning should no longer cause server-wide lag
  • Deployables placed on inside (new) shelters should no longer destroy when the shelter is destroyed
  • Added some missing death effects for shelters and doors
  • Should be easier to squeeze sleeping bags into shelters now
  • Spike walls can be placed closer together, you can overlap them a little bit now to seal gaps easier
  • You can now right click to rotate structures for the one guy without a mousewheel :D
  • Servers can now specify a minimum amount of players for airdrops to occur – airdrop.min_players ( default 50 )
  • Fixed shotguns not damaging deployables
  • Fixed some serverside performance issues
  • Fixed explosive charges not dealing direct damage to structure components – They will now deal their damage regardless of their position relative to what they are placed directly on
  • Fixed explosions doing too much damage to things with compound colliders (shelters namely)
  • Fixed weapon animations while aiming for some weapons (Shotgun)
  • Fixed exploit allowing you to place deployables in mid-air
  • Fixed being able to put wood boxes inside people/yourself
  • You can place stuff on the road now
  • Kevlar is harder to produce
  • Made ammo much harder to craft
  • Research kits are now one time use
  • Increased headshot damage multiplier
  • Added Bolt Action Rifle
  • Weapons now play a dry fire sound when you try and fire them empty
  • Added aim sway to some weapons, experimental
  • Added a small ‘lazy aim’ cone for weapons
  • Shotgun and bolt action rifle no longer stay aimed while actioning the weapon
  • Small Stash is a default blueprint, and is easier to craft
  • Spike wall returns more damage
  • Spike wall has more melee armor
  • New death screen (WIP)

Known Issues:

  • Lasersight and Flashlight go off to the left on the Bolt Action Rifle unless a silencer is also added
  • Death messages are weird and can tell you a bear killed you with a shotgun or something random like that
  • Dry fire sound plays on last shot of pistol
  • Nudity and Censoring will display as pants, it’s being worked on.


  • Censorship is enabled by default.


  • Added Official Server Tab – This will list the most reliable servers sanctioned by us
  • Fixed people being able to place boxes that peek through walls and shelters so they were lootable from outside
  • Spike walls now only prevent foundations from being built, vs all structure components
  • Auto-Healing from being near a camp fire will take effect 10 seconds after the last time you took damage
  • Sleeping bags under foundations fixed
  • Added cooldown timer for hostile wildlife; they will give up and stop chasing you forever
  • Fixed players not showing blood effect when hit
  • Added grass displacement to Spike Walls, Sleepers, and other things missing it
  • Fixed being able to go under water (It kills you once again upon contact)
  • Chat mode will now swallow keys (typing in chat will no longer activate items or move your character)
  • Fixed spike walls not dealing reflect damage at certain angles


  • You now get a repair notice when repairing an object
  • Fixed Ramps not being able to be placed leading up to foundations
  • Shelters can now be placed on rocks and have a more lenient max slope
  • Fixed exploit allowing quicker reload times
  • Lowered memory usage by about 300 megs !
  • Game should load quite a bit faster now
  • Linux cursor issue should be resolved
  • People who log off near walls shouldn’t have their legs poking outside anymore
  • Added new surface system, this allows for dynamic footsteps and improved impact effects
  • Fixed bug where players would not make footsteps under some conditions ( e.g. walking in tight circles)
  • Adjusted LOD levels to be further away from the camera
  • Added nudity convar  : censor.nudity true
  • Duping should be fixed…
  • A few crash fixes
  • Fixed lasers/flashlights not being turned off for other clients
  • You can no longer place sleeping bags under rocks
  • Fixed an extremely rare bug where terrain would be invisible under certain conditions
  • Grass isn’t as tall anymore; it should perform better
  • Moved wildlife over to use the navmesh, they will actually be able to find you now :)
  • Added some new deployables – Spiked walls for base defense, they will hurt people when they are melee’d or touched
  • Foundations cannot be placed too close to spiked walls ( prevents base climbing with stairs unless they put some extra effort in and destroy them )
  • Added a Wood Gate/Gateway – This can be used to block off parts of the map and create compounds! (Art is very WIP!)
  • Added a very rare, non-craftable smoke signal which will call an airdrop in at your location


  • Fixed dupe bug (disconnecting internet and rejoining)
  • Fixed server list not scrolling
  • Updated chat
    • No more pm'img or local chat.
    • Can use unicode.
  • Resource collection and other notices are no longer printed in chat. They have their own GUI.
  • Fixed structure LODs popping too close
  • Fixed grass jittering due to AF being forced on for every texture
  • New options screen
    • We have taken the decision to limit screen resolution changing to the startup dialog.
    • This is to keep things as simple as possible.
    • AF/AA options were removed - because they did NOTHING.
  • Fixed broken player counts (probably)
  • Fixed lots of exploits
  • Fixed black line between sky and land
  • Updated cargo plane
  • Fixed OSX not launching
    • OSX is still not perfect. Please report experience in the forums.
  • Fixed trees not drawing in OSX
  • Grass displacement is enabled by default.


  • Upgraded to Unity 4.3
  • Fixed Shelters not counting towards decay grace period
  • Fixed injury status not disappearing after death
  • Serverside checks for deployables and structures (no more double dooring)
  • Some weapon deploy sounds were changed (hatchets no longer sound like guns being drawn)
  • Hand Cannon no longer requires a workbench to craft
  • 9mm Pistol does slightly more damage and has less recoil
  • Reduced range on pipe shotgun
  • Bleeding is no longer a death sentence : Wounds will clot over time so it is possible to survive minor bleeding
  • Bleeding damage was increased, however...
  • Silencer now removes tracers as well as muzzle flash, less range reduction, less damage reduction.
  • Sleeping bags are easier to craft, 15 cloth instead of 20
  • Pillars take half as many resources to create as they used to
  • Grenades are larger and their physics should be more reliable, in addition they should deal appropriate damage now
  • Zombies should now interact with the rocks in the world, and should no longer float in mid-air
  • Server browser now shows history of servers played on
  • Server browser is optimized for smaller screens
  • Server browser doesn't show unresponsive servers
  • Server browser shows LAN servers
  • Server browser shows servers containing friends
  • Server now detects when it has frozen, and closes (allows auto restart scripts to kick in)
  • No longer uses DX11 mode (was slower, broke alt-tab, had no real benefits)
  • Added disconnect button
  • Serverlist can be sorted. Defaults to being ordered by player count descending.


  • Fall Damage. You will die when falling from about 12-15 meters. You can also break your legs and move very slowly from shorter drops. You can also start bleeding from falls, so be careful when running around the mountains.
  • You can no longer place crates ontop of yourself to make a stairway into someones house
  • VAC has been integrated, Don't cheat.
  • Waterpipe shotgun and Hand Cannon weapons have been properly implemented
  • Trees unpack before entering the game - to avoid the 20 seconds of every game having really low fps.
  • If your connection fails you will now go back to the menu screen instead of being stuck on the loading screen.
  • OSX version now starts up and loads properly (but there is still work to be done)
  • Rocks now use a detail shader, they will now look a lot less blurry up close


  • Nice new workbench model ( replaces my coder art version )
  • Added Hand Cannon - unreliable shotgun but easy to craft
  • Added Pipe Shotgun - reliable single shot shotgun with tight spread
  • Made all gun type weapons much harder to craft
  • Hostile wildlife now takes altitude into their distance check before attacking
  • Fixed deployables decaying on metal structures (needs confirmation)


  • Yet another attempt to fix the armor bug was made. I'm hoping this time we have it nailed, But its possible it still may be a issue.
  • Improved Performance. Gained on average 3ms per frame ( on my Core2 Quad Q6600 )
  • Fixed a issue with many downloads being too large to cache
  • Fixed some errors that come up when connecting to server.
  • Weapons now point towards what they can hit properly.
  • No longer pack some server only data into client scenes/levels.
  • Other various improvements to performance and internal processes.


  • Shadows on OSX are no longer upside down
  • Some variations of the foundation exploit have been fixed. Its still possible to do and we are still working on a complete fix.
  • Added some variables to interpolation that we can use to tune player/network smoothness in a fair manor.
  • Bill also added some very fancy grass.


  • When you are making weapons they will now have more than one random mod slot.
  • There's no visible ragdoll when you die any more.
  • You now spawn in full crouch. This is to prevent a exploit.
  • Voice communication routing has been optimized on the server which was previously a expensive task.


  • Fixed a memory leak on server. ( fixes the crash that require us to manually restart the server )
  • Kills from Explosive Charges ( or any placed object ) now retain information about who placed them in a way thats used for damage events. This will benefit the PVE server most as C4 Charges from other players will not end up damaging you.


  • You can now shoot sleeping bags, doors, and other things that since the prior update were unshootable
  • The hunting bow now orientates itself while aiming so that it more accurately depicts where your shooting the arrow.
  • The metal door now longer produces errors in console ( which resulted in some extra lag when switching areas )
  • Arrow keys no longer yaw/pitch. You can now bind them to movement if you prefer to.
  • Hatchets and other melee weapons now visibly swing when people use them.


  • Collision matrix has been modified significantly, reduces the amount of cpu spent twards collision detection.
  • Armor (clothes) switching is faster, and hopefully the armor glitch will be mostly gone from the changes made.
  • Death camera should also be faster and you wont see the water under the level as much anymore
  • Placing deployables and structure components changes
    • No longer full bright and practically opaque overlay when placing objects
    • Foundations that are held too high off the ground to be 'green' now keep your rotation in, instead of not rotating around you.
    • The material changes for object ghosts will likely be refined.
  • Theres now a horizontal movement limit in place for air, movement wont feel any different but it prevents the physics from spazing out and throwing you 100 yards.
  • Arrows no longer take out walls


  • Calories start at 1250
  • Rock uses less calories per swing ( 2 instead of 5 )
  • Added stone hatchet, easier to craft
  • Added Bow and Arrow
  • Made furnaces slightly more difficult to craft
  • Airdrops should be more randomized
  • Supply crates should take slightly longer to settle to the ground
  • Sulfur ore produces less Sulfur
  • Campfires and Furnaces produce less charcoal
  • Lowered Pickaxe drop frequency


  • Grenades can be thrown again
  • The chat window is now a bit larger


  • When holding E on camp fires the Extinguish option no longer displays Extingu)sh
  • You are now given 5 wood when you place a camp fire down
  • We have fixes for lag/lag switch/tapping/n-stepping that seems to work pretty well so far.


  • Fixed two documented duping exploits
  • Options and bindings ( such as left walk ) should now be fixed
  • Server executes commands faster
  • The checkbox for inverted mouse in options now works.
  • Resolutions should save properly, and the drop down menu for them wont be blank any longer.


  • Fixed workbench issues
  • Made a bunch of things require a workbench to craft
  • Made explosive charges harder to craft
  • Metal building walls wont poke through ceilings anymore
  • Many things now require a workbench to craft


  • Metal structures were added. You can find pieces from airdrops and very rarely on zombies. They're stronger, and decay much slower than wood.
  • Wood structures were nerfed
  • A workbench was added, right now this is a requirement for some items but will be expanded in the future
  • You can no longer smelt ores in a campfire
  • Furnace was added, use this to smelt ores
  • You can find a generic 'stone' used in construction from hitting rocks
  • Campfire has a custom loot window restricting what items can be added to it (Only food)
  • Added a higher quality fire effect for the camp fire


  • Backpacks from dead players now produce the correct amount of items
  • Names that contain illegal color codes no longer apply any color
  • Health of deployable objects ( boxes, doors, sleeping bags, structure components and more ) now saves with the world. they won't have 100% health after server restarts
  • Decay delay ( 24hr after a structure has not been touched ) no longer resets when the server is restarted. ignores server offline time


  • Reduced the time it takes to generate a world save
  • Reduced the time it takes to generate a avatar (account) save
  • Managed the interval of which automatic avatar saves take place. Currently at a queue where it processes (at max) 2 players every 1.75 seconds. it still always saves when you die or disconnect


  • When going to pick up a player dropped item if you can't fit the item into your inventory entirely then it stays dropped ( for stackable items you pick up as many as possible )
  • Camp fire flames now point upright ( instead of at a 45 degree angle )
  • Another attempt ( different set order ) to fix spazzed out armor displays was made ( it may or may not fix them, but theres only a few different orders we could set [skinned bones, skinned mesh, root bone] left so it should be marked as fixed soon
  • Campfires will not remove the first item in their inventories for wood when the server restarts
  • Hopefully the left strafe button will be bound by default now
  • Metal doors now produce the right sound/effect when shot


  • Decay is working again
  • Decay has a grace period of around a day, then the structure starts decaying
  • If you do anything in the structure like open a door, light a fire etc it resets the decay grace period
  • Deployables don't decay if they're on a structure, only when they're outside
  • Fixed stacking sleeping bags and campfires
  • Torches should now actually disappear when you put them away
  • P.s. The dupe bug was fixed so we wiped everything


  • You now start with a rock instead of a hatchet.
  • Torches were added, though currently they do not spawn in loot. If you find one they should be researchable


  • 'Render Bug' Fixed ( no more invisible animals/players )
  • Fix to server stability -- hopefully server will now be more stable and not crash regularly
  • Shotgun now does damage
  • Hit Indicators work again
  • Fixed a issue with the level trying to spawn a animal that didn't exist ( and networking the error to all clients )


  • Fixed error from ragdoll armor transfer
  • Fixed zombie ragdolls not taking so long to spawn
  • Things now destroy properly client side
  • Fixed up zombie ragdoll to not have the tongue jammed out


  • Fixed players, animals and thrown objects not being updated properly
  • Fixed bad frame rate due to a Null Reference Exception
  • Glitched player models may be fixed


New player model

  • The new player model is all our own. You will start with only the basics like a caveman. Armor is more important than ever.

New Animations

  • The animation system has changed. We now have it in place so we can provide seperate poses for different weapons. We are still working on tuning the new system and getting full animation done ( we do not have proper jumping, falling, or attack/reload animations at the moment )

Armor is now visible

  • When you equip clothes and armor - they're now visible on your character. (the icons for the clothes aren't accurate yet).

More weapons display on your player

  • Hatchet, F1 Grenade and Explosive Charge now display when you are using them. Also you'll be holding a bag visibly when using most deployable items.

Fixed player draw distance

  • You'll be able to see players farther away ( like in earlier testing ). We may decide to undo this change but for now its simpler to just remove the LOD culling of other players.

Work in progress

  • We'll be fixing and changing the animations as we go. Such as more accurate aiming and attack / reload animations ( currently there are no attack or reload animations ).


  • Added Large Medkit
  • Some new not so friendly wildlife!
  • Various improvements and bug fixes
  • The options screen has a skin


  • Now less likely to lose objects between server restarts
    • The server was unable to restore objects once the collider limit was hit previously. this is because unity doesn't actually mark colliders as disabled/inactive until what looks like the next 'fixedupdate' frame and we were not letting the frame advance. So I've modified the server to wait a bit after every 10 thousand objects loaded and it should all be gravy now.
  • Fixed not being able to turn on lasers and flashlights


  • Changed wildlife updating further and optimized
    • Animals positions only get sent out to clients when needed to ( with a half frame of play for ping )
    • When a animal is not moving it no longer networks its frame
    • The physics to movement have been considerably optimized making the chance of the server having a huge backlog of updates to process lower.
    • The way they were turning was making it harder to figure out what was wrong, so for now its more smooth when they are running away or changing direction
  • We gained a greater amount of performance from this recent update than before.
  • Mesh combining
    • Makes sure that bounds aren't used from disabled colliders on servers ( you may have noticed some structures taking more time to destroy because of this bug ).
  • Server level loading
    • Does now grab the bounds off colliders and immediately disables them so we can have save files with > max colliders.
  • Fixed Large Wood Storage Blueprint
    • you should be able to research it now too


  • Mesh combining is now fixed on server
    • there was a crash earlier due to the server running out of memory. this has been fixed
    • It may have been a issue on client as well, if you experienced crashes today see if its more stable now
  • Server should be more responsive now
    • me and helk changed the way that wildlife updates and temporarily turned off some systems that we don't use entirely yet ( that we are planning on moving to native or a seperate thread ).
  • Helk has also made some changes
    • Fixed collision box on Large Wood Box
    • Fixed Blueprint for Large Wood Box


  • Mesh combining uses less memory now and schedules updates itself in a smarter fashion.
    • should reduce crashes from running out of memory when entering populated areas
  • Server now utilizes mesh combinining for physics/colliders on structures
    • which hopefully will greatly reduce the time it takes to hit the collider limit
    • Currently I'm not sure if disabled colliders count towards the limit or not ( vs. deleting them entirely ) but we'll find out!
  • Level of detail structure components now shadow properly
    • previously only handled shadowing when the highest LOD was visible or was combined.
  • Ramp collider has been simplified.
    • Currently the back end of it is closed where the graphics have a opening. We'll be fixing either the graphics or the collider itself to match up better. The change to a convex collider should perform better when entering load areas (it was the only thing left that was actually using its graphical model for physics, which results in a big penalty performance wise on instantiation).


  • Campfires now only have 6 slots
  • Stashes have 3
  • You now only drop one bag on death that contains everything ( this fixes the missing items bug)
  • Added Large Wood Storage
  • Player inventory size changed from 48 to 30
  • Fixed some render distances
  • Viewmodel sprint animations should be fixed
  • Stashes now have a very very short render distance.
  • Fixes to M4 weapon stats (they were totally wrong and abusable)
  • Removed recoil bonus from silencer
  • Medkits heal at half speed, and can only be used once every 5 seconds (in preperation for them being an active item)

Rebalanced item drops

  • Slightly more ammo drops
  • Zombies now drop more critical items (Research kits, door blueprints etc )
  • No more 9mm pistol blueprints
  • Press V to use voice chat
  • Pressing G now toggles laser sight


  • You need to hold "E" to open Campfires


Silencer changes

  • - 35% range
  • - 25% damage
  • - 10% recoil
  • LODBias reset to 1 for all quality levels

01.08.13 (3)

  • Structures now take 5 days to decay
  • Flashlights now illuminate the player holding them
  • Adjusted weapon fire audio, it should be more apparent how far away things are now
  • Added distant sounds for weapons
  • Added Silencer functionality! Short sound distance, no muzzle flash, minor recoil reduction, damage reduction
  • Tracers are now smaller, move faster, and aren't always the same size
  • Anisotropic textures set to by texture instead of forced on (performance improvement)
  • Fixed bug with recoil bonuses from aiming and crouching not stacking

01.08.13 (2)

  • Doorways, Windows and stairs now have LOD meshes
  • Doorways and Windows now have a tidier collider ( no longer can people shoot through the cracks )
  • You can no longer move a door by shooting it after it has been closed or opened.
  • Other performance optimization ( the view model renders faster )


  • You can no longer place structures too close to eachother
  • Placing structures should be easier visually (you'll always see the component, just in red )
  • Ceilings/Floors won't decay so long as a pillar is on them
  • Some food items now restore health and remove rads
  • Raw Chicken breasts hurt you when you eat them
  • Added LOD Culling to most player deployables, will improve performance
  • Added new Backpack models for players and zombies
  • Added Combat Logging fix.. If you disconnect within 30 seconds of taking damage, or if you disconnect while bleeding you die


We've put in a new subsystem to rust to optimize CPU draw calls ( which seems to be a bottleneck of rust with the amount of structural components we have )

  • Structure geometry that is 20 meters or farther away is now combined on separate threads.
  • There is at least 1 combine thread, but for those of you with 4 or more cpu cores you will use [count of cpu cores] - 2. ( we'll be considering what the correct number of threads to use should be during testing, and may modify this )
  • Being threaded, the majority of the processing occurs while playing the game, instead of holding/locking the game up.
  • Sometimes when moving between areas you may notice the familiar frame drop if you have experienced it before, but ushually within 100-200ms you're performance should improve significantly.
  • It falls back on the regular rendering mode while meshes are being processed on the other threads, so you shouldn't notice delayed popping in of structures, beyond the previous LOD distances.
  • A side effect of the system is we are able to render structures that are much much farther out than before, and have almost no performance penalty on CPU

We have yet to completely tie all structure peices in, performance will increase as we continue to do so. There is a slight bug with this that we are still working out. You may notice that it sometimes looks like things are rendering twice/depth fighting. We'll be fixing that soon.


  • Added model for explosive charges
  • Fixed bug with resource repair not removing the last resource in the stack
  • Resource repair now uses a sphere cast to make it easier to repair things
  • Modified decay rates it now takes 24 hours for structures to decay
  • Doors decay much slower
  • Wood boxes decay much slower
  • Resource repair now displays proper values indicating how much was actually repaired
  • You can no longer stack foundations on foundations
  • You can now repair doors


  • All your deployables and structures will now decay over time (from around 12-24 hours). This is to prevent the server from overflowing with objects resulting in us needing to do a wipe.
  • In addition to this you can now repair items using resources. The current implementation is temporary, however.
  • To repair an object (like a wall, or box ) put some wood in your belt/quickslot and press the corresponding key when aiming at the object. You can also repair sleeping bags by using cloth.
  • P250 was rebalanced to be more useful.
  • You can no longer place foundations on foundations.
  • In addition you can now place Ramps on Ceilings (angled roofs!)


  • Fix for graphical issue that happens at night introduced in unity 4.2.

For whatever reason if you have a light in unity 4.2 that has its color set to black, the side effects occur from that. Us disabling lights that were black ( which I kinda figured unity would have done internally ) should result in better performance at night.

Laser fixes:

  • Your weapon now draws on top of lasers ( most noticeable in sights )
  • Lasers from your weapon are no longer culled by the near plane before they reach the weapon ( noticeable in P250 / 9mm Pistol )
  • Stopped using UnityEngine.GL to render them, lasers from other people should depth/z test better now.

Note about frame/input lag:

  • If you're experiencing input lag since the update last night, you may want to try updating your graphics card driver. If its still laggy, try playing in full screen. We're hoping unity will fix this issue soon.


  • Other player's laser should now be visible. (however currently its not always 1:1 with their aim)
  • When doors open and close players are pushed by the doors (harder to hide inside of them and shoot outward). This feature is kinda glitchy atm and will be revisited
  • Some added security measures are in place for hackers.
  • Fixed item icons not displaying over loot window when dragging.
  • Added a virtual blocker behind the inventory/loot/armor windows so its not easy to accidentally drop items between grid slots.
  • Made sure that view models are not rendering more than they should
  • There is now a random radius applied to spawn and unstick points. ( should help with spawn camping, and unstick exploits )
  • When respawning or unsticking the point you respawn or unstick at is checked to make sure that it is on the surface ( You won't be able to go inside of foundations anymore )


  • Q now also walks left ( like A )
  • Z now also walks forward ( like W )
  • Arrow keys now look instead of walk
  • We'll eventually have a way to bind keys. For now this change should allow for AZERTY keyboards to play equally.

17.07.13 (2)

  • Doors now have a waiting period after they have been opened or closed ( 1 second )
  • Reenabled sun shafts
  • Reenabled specular water
  • Water waves have been tuned
  • Other environment related changes


  • Campfires will auto delete 2 hours after they have run out of fuel
  • MP5 Iron sights are now accurate


  • Should be less laggy in populated structure areas due to not cloning materials for damage shading.
  • Fixed the use sound for medkits not playing on the last kit in stack
  • Fixed the missing pillar issue hopefully
  • Fixed the 'pillar to close to another structure' / 'binding to other farther away structure' issue
  • Night:day time ratio is 1:4
  • A whole day take a hour now ( 15 minutes for 6pm-6am, 45 minutes for 6am-6pm ) [by default]

15.07.13 (2)

  • Disabled melee damage to structure wall/doorway/window types temporarily
  • Fixed sprinting exploit with melee weapons
  • Fixed sleeping bag delay reset exploit
  • Fixed comfort showing up with certain types of Armor
  • Fixed bleeding status showing up on respawn
  • Added minor delay when selecting/deselecting items


  • fixed thrown flares and other weapons appearing on your character for some clients when you do not have them equipped. ( needs confirmation )
  • fix for pillar / wood doorway's ( needs testing to confirm it is fixed )
  • melee damage is back to structure components in order to test the bug fix
  • other features listed by helk below are now active.


  • Fixed Rad Suit Pants having too much cold protection
  • Adjusted metal door health (2 explosive charges to destroy)
  • Adjusted Wood structure parts health ( more explosives to destroy )
  • Melee no longer damages wood walls (for now)

13.07.13 (2)

  • fixed item stacking ( when moving a item from a loot window to a stack )
  • you may now hold shift at the crafting screen when clicking the + or - button to go up or down by 10 count
  • holding shift and clicking brings you to the maximum amount you can craft.


  • All building parts except Foundation, Pillar, and Ceiling are now destroyable!
  • Added Explosive Charge item, easily takes down a door but very difficult to craft
  • Added Kevlar Pants, Kevlar Shoes
  • Added Radiation suit armor
  • Rebalanced all armor stats
  • You can only build foundations on Terrain
  • You can no longer stack wooden boxes (temporary fix)
  • Fixed M4 holosight clipping the near plane when firing in ADS mode
  • Grenades should no longer bounce erratically
  • Grenades are slightly easier to construct
  • You can now see the damage to walls by the shade of their color (darker = more damaged )
  • Doors now leave a 'corpse' which lasts for 5 minutes. You can not place a door ontop of a door corpse (Should make it slightly harder to defend )
  • Sleeping bags now have a 4 minute cooldown ( Should make it harder to zerg attack a base )
  • Fixed alpha channel on some icons
  • Barricades are now higher to prevent jumping over them
  • Ceilings should be easier to place when under the target spot
  • Radiation armor will lower the screenspace effect but you'll still hear the geiger counter indicating the radiation level in the area
  • Melee weapons now properly grab the right impact effect if the target object uses hitboxes
  • Destroyed building components have a death effect
  • Metal doors are significantly harder to craft


  • Door skips a optimization check which could have been why the previous fix did not fix them.
  • Night is now shorter than day.


  • Fixed sleeping bag deploy rotation
  • Fixed some icons being mipped at low quality settings
  • Fixed campfire collision being too large
  • Added small stash blueprint
  • Added Wood Planks - All structure require these now
  • Added Metal Door - Does not take melee damage
  • Added Wood Shelter - Easy to make, serves the same purpose as a 1x1 house
  • You can no longer stack Barricades
  • You can no longer jump over Barricades
  • You can no longer stack many doors together
  • You can no longer get infinite wood from trees.. If it runs out, move to the next one
  • You can no longer deploy items while jumping
  • You can no longer use the sleeping bag to glitch into peoples houses
  • "/do unstick" should now work when locked in a 'jail'
  • Walls can now be placed even if a pillar is blocking them

You will notice it is quite a bit harder to create large structures now, this is intended behaviour as it was way too easy to create Goliath castles in very little time. Enjoy!


  • Hatchet uses half the calories it used to
  • Pickaxe gathers 25% less wood than it used to
  • Fixed Pickaxe blueprint naming
  • Fixed missing Pickaxe icon
  • Fixed random spawns in the ocean

03.07.13 (3)

Melee changes:

  • Added Pick Axe - better, slower version of hatchet
  • Added rudimentary impact effect system
  • Things that aren't supposed to should no longer bleed when hit with melee weapons
  • Redid gathering logic
  • Hatchet should gather from static trees every 3 blows consistently
  • Pickaxe gathers everything faster except animal corpses
  • Lowered melee range, You need to crouch to hit the ground now

LOD Changes:

  • Added a tonne of LOD'ing to the structure components which should make the game run faster in some places
  • Please note; the LOD changes are not set up to be seamless yet and happen at the wrong distance so you will notice some popping when approaching buildings

03.07.13 (2)


  • fixed cooking some times not working
  • processes unique ingredients ( with unique cooked item output ) per cook phase ( when wood is consumed )
  • no more need to have wood be the first thing in the inventory of the cooker.


  • doors should now properly serialize their state ( being open or not )
  • doors should now properly position themselves from level reload.


  • colors are now illegal
  • using a '<' followed by a '>' is now illegal
  • using \n or \t is now illegal
  • illegal messages wont send.
  • names with illegal character sequences in them will not be able to connect.


  • tuned detection
  • reset ban log



  • character limit in chat
  • message flood protection
  • no more need to manually scroll down after multi-lined chat messages expire.


  • fixed missing textures for options.
  • new look to options, matches the ui used in other parts of the game.
  • simplified graphics tab.

Context Menu (campfire/fire barrel):

  • less glitchy with movement
  • ui matches rest of the game.


  • When connection fails due to 'Could not reach server', 'Timeout to connect to server', or 'Player count limit reached' the webplayer will reattempt to connect every 10 seconds there after.
  • The disconnect messages now properly show the reason why you were disconnected ( in most cases )


  • added banning system
  • we keep a log of kick's that occur
  • lightened and tuned detection for banning
  • unbanned users which may have been banned for false detection


  • accounts which contain color codes in the display name are no longer allowed to play.


Balance changes:

  • P250 has an extra bullet in its magazine
  • Medkits take 1 less cloth to craft
  • MP5 has slightly higher fire rate
  • Slightly lowered amount of cloth and meat you gain from animals but increased the rate you gather it
  • Halved the amount of wood recieved from piles, but doubled the amount of piles found in the world
  • Lowered amount of minerals obtained from smelting ores
  • Lowered amount of charcoal received from burning wood
  • Slightly increased wood you earn from regular trees
  • Added gunpowder as a default blueprint
  • Lowered headshot multiplier slightly for zombies ( they all die in one headshot except the black one takes two)
  • Rebalanced door health

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed collision box on structure walls
  • You should no longer be able to kill yourself with a blood draw kit
  • Fixed item duplication when lagging out
  • Fixed spawning multiple objects when lagging out
  • You can no longer place deployables through tiny cracks in peoples houses (like sleeping bags...)
  • Item mods will no longer remove the item they are being placed on
  • Item mods will no longer exist after being placed on an item
  • You will no longer waste paper by trying to re-research an item that you already know how to craft
  • Fixed losing blueprints in some cases
  • Fixed losing slots/stacksize upon death
  • Fixed grenades not colliding with doors under some conditions
  • Fixed grenades not dealing damage to doors; it should take about 8 now


  • You now spawn at your most recently placed sleeping bag
  • Default items are placed in the proper belt slots
  • Adjusted item descriptions to represent the current methods of using them
  • You can no longer place structure foundations in mid air, they must be touching terrain
  • Staggered wildlife calculations, this should prevent some server hiccups
  • Fixed lag when inventory changes often (shooting rapid fire caused hiccups on some machines)
  • Adjusted some of the wood structure models to be lower poly
  • Updated hatchet and flare textures
  • Added distance culling to players and zombies; this should result in higher fps in some cases
  • Many more spawnpoints, and spawns are now further apart