Camp Fire

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Camp Fire
Provides warmth and light.
Item Type Item
Requirements to Craft 5 Wood
Time to Craft 30 seconds
Researchable only? No

Campfires are craftable and placeable items that do provide warmth and light. They also are providing a comfort bonus which slow down hunger and heals the player over time. Campfires can be used to cook food. As fuel you need to add wood to the campfire so it will stay ignited. You just have to open the inventory of the campfire and put in the wood. To do this, press and hold E and select "open" when prompted.

Campfires despawn after 2 hours if it has not been used even when there are items in the inventory of it. If you wish that the campfire does not despawn, then you should keep the campfire lit forever.

To craft a campfire you need 5 wood. It will require 30 seconds to craft one campfire.

The campfire used to be able to smelt ores, but now a Furnace is used to smelt ores and turn cloth to leather.