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All items which can be placed are listed here in alphabetical order. Please post on the discussion page of this article if anything has been forgotten.

  1. "Has to be researched first" means that you need to use one the the researching methods before in order to be able to craft the item.
  2. To update the list, if you have changed a data value in a page that is listed in Category:Object, please click on "Edit" and save the page again.
Image Name Requirements to Craft Researchable?
BedIcon.png Bed 40 Cloth, 100 Metal Fragments No
[[]] [[]]
RustCampfire.jpg Camp Fire 5 Wood No
RustFlare1.png Flare 8 Metal Fragments & 8 Gunpowder Yes
Furnace.png Furnace 15 Stones & 20 Wood & 10 Low Grade Fuel No
HandmadeLockpick.png Handmade Lockpick 8 Low Quality Metal & 5 Cloth No
RustLargeSpikedWall.png Large Spike Wall 200 Wood No
LargeWoodStorageBox.png Large Wood Storage Box 60 Wood Yes
LargeWoodStorageBox.png Large Wood Storage Box 60 Wood Yes
RustMetalCeiling.jpg Metal Ceiling 6 Low Quality Metal Yes
MetalDoor.png Metal Door 200 metal fragments No
RustMetalDoorway.jpg Metal Doorway 4 Low Quality Metal Yes
RustMetalFoundation.jpg Metal Foundation 8 Low Quality Metal Yes
RustMetalPillar.jpg Metal Pillar 2 Low Quality Metal Yes
RustMetalRamp.jpg Metal Ramp 5 Low Quality Metal Yes
RustMetalStairs.jpg Metal Stairs 5 Low Quality Metal Yes
RustMetalWall.jpg Metal Wall 4 Low Quality Metal Yes
RustMetalWindowBars.jpg Metal Window Bars 100 Metal Fragments No
RepairBench.png Repair Bench 12 Stones, 60 Wood, 50 Metal Fragments, 6 Low Grade Fuel No
RustSleepingBag.jpg Sleeping Bag 50 Cloth No
RustLoot1.png Small Stash 10 Leather No
RustSpikedWall.png Spike Wall 100 Wood No
RustSmokeSignal.png Supply Signal Airdrop Not craftable
Torch.png Torch 1 Low Grade Fuel & 1 Cloth & 1 Wood No
Wood barricade.png Wood Barricade 30 Wood No
WoodCeiling.png Wood Ceiling 6 Wood Planks No
Wooden Door.png Wooden Door 30 Wood No
WoodDoorway.png Wood Doorway 4 Wood Planks No
RustWoodFoundation.jpg Wood Foundation 8 Woodplanks No
RustGate.png Wood Gate 120 Wood No
RustGateway.png Wood Gateway 400 Wood No
RustPillar.png Wood Pillar 2 Wood Planks No
RustPlanks.jpg Wood Planks 10 Wood No
WoodRamp.png Wood Ramp 5 Wood Planks No
WoodShelter.png Wood Shelter 50 Wood No
WoodStair.png Wood Stairs 5 Wood Planks No
Wood Storage Box.png Wood Storage Box 30 Wood No
WoodWall.png Wood Wall 4 Wood Planks No
WoodWindow.png Wood Window 4 Wood Planks No
Wooden Door.png Wooden Door 20 Wood No
RustWorkbench.png Workbench 8 Stones & 50 Wood No