Bolt Action Rifle

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Bolt Action Rifle
Bolt-action icon.png
This is a weapon.
Weapon Type Rifle
Magazine Size 3
Ammo Type 556 Ammo
Damage 65
Fire Modes Bolt Action
Effective Range 250
Rate of Fire 0.45
Recoil 14
Requirements to Craft 50 wood, 30 low quality metal, 20 leather
Time to Craft 60 Seconds
Researchable only? No
Requires Workbench? Yes

The Bolt Action Rifle is a powerful weapon found in the game Rust. It is one of the deadliest weapons in the entire game if in the right hands. Its primary use is a sniper rifle, and this use can be improved by adding a Holo Sight. Silencers are useful as well, but they decrease the damage. They are great for raids, as one could have a teammate position themselves on a hill watching the selected base to raid with the weapon. It takes one shot to the head or two to the chest to kill an unarmored player.

  • The Bolt Action Rifle can be found in chests and can be learned from using a research kit on the weapon itself.