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Rust's Beginners Guide

When you spawn in Rust, you will begin at a random place on the map. Unfortunately, there are not many tools to help you navigate (ex. Compasses or Maps), and once you die, you will respawn in another random place. The exception to this is if you have crafted and placed a sleeping bag. Then you can respawn at your sleeping bag by selecting "At a Camp" at the death screen. This makes getting used to the environment even more difficult, as the land is uniform and unremarkable. At this state, it is difficult to get a bearing on where you are.

Getting Started

Let’s get started! First, you will need to know the basic Rust controls. You can press TAB to access your inventory. Displayed in your inventory will be your Armor, Crafting, and other options. "E" opens up bags of gear, and left mouse button will use whatever is in your hand, whether it’s a weapon or an item.

You can find the complete list of in game commands here: Controls and Commands.

Starting Gear

After you've learned how to use the controls you'll notice that you don't have many items in your inventory. All you have is a rock which can be used to gather wood, gather ores from rocks or hunt down animals. You'll want to get rid of the rock as soon as possible because it takes ages to gather resources. Next to the rock you'll find two bandages which heal up wounds when you are bleeding. The bandage does not regenerate health. And next to the bandage you'll find a torch which is helpful during nighttime. You can also press "t" to enable chat and then type "/starter" to get a starter kit(if the server you are on has this option available), it contains a campfire, a hatchet, more torches and a sleeping bag.

Getting Wood

Wood plays an important role in Rust. It is used primarily for building houses, which is covered later in this guide. To gather wood, you will need to locate either a tree or a wood pile. Once you have located a tree or a wood pile, you can use a rock, hatchet, Stone Hatchet or Pick Axe to gather wood from it. Pick Axes gather resources considerably faster than any other tool. Trees yield a much lower amount of wood per hit than wood piles. With that in mind, seek out wood piles to maximize your haul. Once a wood pile is exhausted of all its resources, it will disappear.

Gathering Metal Ore and Sulfur

Metal ore and sulfur are found in rocks, and can be used for crafting weapons and other items. Once you have located a rock, you can use a rock, hatchet, stone hatchet or Pick Axe to gather materials from it. Pick Axes gather more resources but are slower than any other tool. Once a rock is exhausted of all its resources, it will disappear.


You'll notice that you're not only picking up metal ore and sulfur ore from a rock, but also stones. Those are required to craft a furnace later on so you can smelt your gathered stuff.


Hunting is important because it provides raw chicken breast, cloth, animal fat and blood. Raw chicken breast keeps you from starving; cloth is later required to craft cloth armor or to create a sleeping bag so that you can respawn in the same area when you die. Animal fat is needed to make a furnace for smelting.

It is easiest to kill animals with weapons, but since most beginners don't have these, it is useful to know that you can also use a rock, hatchet, stone hatchet or pick axe to kill them. Once they die, hit the animals with your rock, hatchet, stone hatchet or pick axe to harvest their resources.

Getting started can be difficult, for help follow


Don't forget that you need to eat to survive. Raw meat can be obtained from the wildlife on the map. Once you have killed the animal, continue to hit it with a Pick Axe or any other tool and you will harvest raw meat. You can also get other food items from zombies or from looting towns. Raw food items should be cooked on a campfire before they are consumed to get the most out of them. And if you eat raw meat, you get poisoned, which make you vomit and lose health.


Now that you have gathered the resources for the furnace, you need to create one so we can smelt. Press TAB and click the crafting button at the top of your screen. After pressing the crafting button, you will want to click on the furnace and craft one. Now drag the newly crafted furnace into your hot bar at the bottom, and place it on the ground. After placing the furnace, you will need to drag your metal ores and sulfur ores into the inventory of the furnace, along with some wood for the smelting process to occur. The ores will be smelted from time to time so check your furnace regularly.

Making Weapons

After smelting the metal ores on the furnace, you will get Metal Fragments. Let's make use of these! Go into the crafting tab, select the revolver, and craft one. Of course, now you will need some 9mm bullets to go with the gun. To be able to make ammo, you will need gunpowder and Metal Fragments. Gunpowder can be crafted with Charcoal and Sulfur, or found inside crates in towns, or Bears or wolves.

Edit: players start with the Revolver crafting recipe, Not the 9mm Pistol recipe.

Building A House

To make a house, you are going to need wood, and a lot of it. Once you have built up a nice stockpile of wood, open your inventory and go to the crafting tab. The first thing you'll need is a foundation. Check the requirements for a foundation, and craft one. There are several other house items which you can also craft, such as pillars and doors. Once you have crafted a foundation, drag it onto your main inventory bar and select it. You should now have a red or green box which moves with your view. Once the box turns green, that means you can place it there. Make sure you place the foundation where you want it, as you can not move it after. Now use pillars to give your walls a place to attach to. Once you have your pillars placed, you can start putting up walls. You can also experiment with making two or more story houses.

Health (HP)

Your health will be displayed in the bottom right hand of your screen. If you get shot, above your health there will be a bar that says bleeding. If you are bleeding, you need to use a Bandage or else you will bleed to death. Medkits can be used if you are low on health or bleeding. Small Medkits will restore 40HP when used, andLarge Medkits restore 100HP. To use a Medkit or bandage, press the TAB key to open up your inventory. Drag the item to your main inventory bar, and then press that number to select it. Bandages and Small Medkits are single use items and will disappear after being used.

Buy And Sell Commands


  • /buy "item name case sensitive" {amount}
  • /sell "item name" {amount}
  • /money Checks Money
  • /price "item name"

Loot and Loot Boxes

Red Crate:

Yellow Crate:

Green Crate:

Wood Boxes:

Big Metal Boxes:

Mutant Animals Loot Sacks:

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