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A Bear in Rust
Name Desc
Bear NPC
Hostile Yes
Health 250

The Bear is a hostile animal NPC, and is by far the most dangerous non-mutant animal on the island, save for the Player. Bears are enemy animals and will attack and chase you down if you are near them. You can outrun Bears. To kill a bear you need 4 shots from a Hunting Bow, 8 shots from a P250 or 2 shots from a Shotgun (Close range). Bears can't jump onto a Wood Foundation or a Metal Foundation.

Combat Strategy

The bear is extremely hardy in comparison to the other animals on the island. As a trade-off to its massive health, however, it is far slower than the other hostile animal, the Wolf. This allows the player to run ahead of an aggravated Bear, turn, and fire more effectively with ranged weapons, as an uninjured player will not be outrun.

However, it is highly advised not to attempt a melee kill even with the best armor, as the Bear's melee attacks are extremely strong.


Upon death, the Bear will drop Raw Chicken Breast, Cloth, Leather, and Blood. The maximum amount of loot from a slain Bear is 10 Raw Chicken Breast, 10 Cloth, 10 Blood, and 8 Leather.

Mutant Variant
Name Desc
Mutant Bear NPC
Hostile Yes
Health 200

Like the Wolf, the Bear comes in a mutant variant known as the Red Bear for its red, mutated skin tone. Dispite being "mutated" it is less powerful then its normal counterpart and will drop a backpack at the expense of most of the regular loot.