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No item description available
Item Type Item
Requirements to Craft 8 Stones & 50 Wood
Time to Craft 30 Seconds
Researchable only? No

A workbench is necessary to craft several items, including some items that cannot be crafted without it. A workbench is also necessary for researching items. You need to stand right next to it to receive the "Workbench 1" status.

When crafting an item that requires the "Workbench 1" status, the player must remain near a workbench to retain this status while the crafting is active, as moving away from a workbench and losing the status will cancel the crafting process, leaving the player to start it again from the beginning.

The workbench may be destroyed by hitting it 40 times with a hatchet.

A placed workbench.

The following items require a workbench:

Per the patch deployed February 6th, you now craft all items faster when you stand next to a workbench.