Wood Barricade

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Wood Barricade
Wood barricade.png
Item Type Item
Requirements to Craft 30 Wood
Time to Craft 25 seconds
Researchable only? No

Wood Barricades do not need to be placed on a Wood Foundation or between wood pillars like other objects. You can place them anywhere you want. They can be destroyed with 40 hits with a Hatchet or 13 hits from Pick Axe. It is not recommended to use barricades for your walls.

Wood barricades will despawn after 1 day, however they can be repaired by placing wood in one of your hotbar slots, facing the barricade, and pressing the number for that hotbar slot. Generally it takes 1-3 wood to repair a barricade, which will allow it to remain indefinitely as long as it is repaired.

To craft a barricade you need 30 wood. It will require 25 seconds to craft one wood barricade.