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No item description available.
Weapon Type Melee
Magazine Size None
Ammo Type None
Damage 25
Fire Modes Melee
Effective Range 1m
Rate of Fire 1 second
Recoil None
Requirements to Craft 10 Metal Fragments, 20 Wood
Time to Craft 20 seconds
Researchable only? No
Requires Workbench? No

The Hatchet is a craftable axe that is slightly stronger than the Stone Hatchet. Hatchets are the fastest resource gathering items in the game.

Crafting a Hatchet does not require a formula; all new players start off with the recipe in their crafting menu.

Swinging the hatchet consumes 5 calories.


Hatchet in player's hand

As a Weapon

The hatchet is a short-ranged melee weapon, capable of killing red bears and wolves in two hits and unarmored human players in four. Though it is at a large disadvantage in range compared to firearms, sprinting and zig-zagging toward an enemy will easily help close the distance due to the difficulty of hitting a fast-moving target.

As a Tool

The hatchet can be used to gather resources. Repeatedly hitting trees, wood piles, rocks, and fallen animals will give you their resources. The hatchet has a 1 second swing speed and collects roughly half the resources per swing as a pickaxe does. Because of this it is the fastest gathering tool in the game, roughly 33% faster than the Pick Axe

The hatchet can also be used to break down structures such as storage boxes, sleeping bags, campfires, barricades, and wooden doors. The hatchet is the fastest weapon for breaking down melee-only wooden objects such as doors. You can break a wooden door with 150 hits (3 minutes)


In the earlier stages of Rust Alpha, players used to spawn with a Hatchet and a Small Medkit.