Explosive Charge

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Explosive Charge
Weapon Type Explosives
Magazine Size 1
Ammo Type Explosives
Damage 600
Fire Modes None
Effective Range Unknown
Rate of Fire Unknown
Recoil Unknown
Requirements to Craft 15 Explosives, 1 Flare, 5 Leather
Time to Craft 60 Seconds
Researchable only? Yes
Requires Workbench? Yes

The Explosive Charge, commonly referred to in-game as "C4", is one of the only ways to break down a player made Metal Door. Explosive Charge can also destroy walls and deals damage to players.


The Explosive Charge is one of the most sought after items in Rust since it is key to a successful player raid. It is somewhat difficult to acquire initially, as it can only be obtained from Air Supply Drops (with usually 2 Charges in each crate), loot crates (1 Charge), or crafted using 15 Explosives, 1 Flare, and 5 Leather. Crafting the Explosive Charge from scratch costs 308 Gunpowder, 75 Sulfur, 158 Metal Fragments, 60 Animal Fat, 30 Cloth, and 5 Leather. Crafting requires a Workbench.
After first acquiring the blueprint for the Explosive Charge and Explosives items, C4 becomes very easy to make and can single handedly compromise the security of most base designs.


Explosive Charges deal standard damage to any object they are placed on. Each charge does 600 damage to the object it is placed on, regardless of side or placement on the object (excluding metal barred windows).

An Explosive Charge will:

  • Break Wooden doors in 1 hit
  • Break Wooden walls in 2 hits
  • Break Metal doors in 2 hits
  • Break Metal walls in 3-4 hits
  • Break Wood windows in 2 hits (as long as it is not placed on the bars)

Explosive charges should not be placed on metal bars as the damage needs to be applied to the actual window and will end up dealing less damage to the window.

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