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Defending your house if one of the hardest things to do in rust and you can never truelly make your house inpregnable. This is not to say you shouldn't bother with defense as it is very important. What I'm trying to say is if you had a choice of a house to raid would you raid the one with a wooden gate and big spikes around it or would you rather the one with no defense and a wooden door. Obviously the one with the spikes will have more stuff to loot but it will cost so much more resources to get to. And so defense in rust is just making other people fear your defense and realise that it will cost too many resources to raid you. There are a variety of things you can do to protect yourself.

First you must decide,Build up or build out?. If you build up have you chest room at the top behind several metal doors, this way people will have to use a lot of c4 and may even give up. Its always good to have a decoy chest with lesser vauluables in it. If you choose to build out you have to be careful just one gap and you can lose everything. Make sure your chest room is in the middle of the house behind several metal doors the same as if you build up. You may also want to invest In making a maze around your house. this is very effective as it means if you know your way around then you can get in quick whilst if you are an attacker you can easily get lost and a few well placed windows will make perfect areas to shoot them from.

Now you have decided on a house type its time to pick where to make it. You have three options.

Hidden in the rocks______for high population servers



No one can see if you light a fire


It is really hard to place foundations on mountains

Not easily defendable

Have to walk a long way to get to a valley.

In the middle of a valley____for low population servers


Don't have to walk far to get resources

Good view and easier to defend


Everyone can see you

Likely to get raided

At the foot of a mountain___ for medium population servers


Don't have to walk really far to get resources.

If you build it right enemies can only come from one side

Cons. People could jump of the rock onto your roof People may still see you as a target to raid.

Building a normal house is still unlikely to survive a raid attempt. However if you add a few things it makes it majorly hard to raid you. First of all spikes....preferably tall spike walls surrounding your house with only a wooden gate as your way in. If it is possible it is always good to have two. Rows of them with a small gap inbetween as to stop people building a staircase and jumping over your spikes. Another thing to add is spikes next to your house, as in tounching the walls, so if someone mcannot mine your walls and cannot staircase up the side,again large spikes are the best. Next do not have any windows unless they have iron bars on them. Yeah it may be five floors up but people will find a way up trust me I know from experience.

Good luck building your house have fun