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Map projects

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Aerial Survey Maps

Below is the existing map most often used as reference, and a table of coordinates and imagery for given areas.

Location Coordinates Image Notes
Radtown Barn "6014.3310" "390.9973" "-3782"
Radtown barn aerial.png
Puts you inside the barn; building in corner is civilian road
Ecko Valley "7014" "400" "-3782"
Ecko valley aerial.png
Civ Desert "6680.3310" "3590" "-3800"
Civ desert aerial.png
Y is still high
Civ Mountain "6400" "388" "-3900"
Civ mountain aerial.png
Civilian Coast "6400" "360" "-4650"
Civilian coast aerial.png
Civ Hanger "6666" "350" "-4320" n/a
South of french valley n/a
South of french aerial.png
high altitude overview